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Health and Education are the two main pillars of human existence, we aim to strengthen society by providing the best quality of both and contribute towards the growth of the nation.


In a healthy body resides a healthy mind and a healthy mind when educated creates wonders. Our aim is to make MMC as the learning and research center of the country where the best minds are nurtured to give the best back to society. And to make MMC as the leading health care provider of the state and to touch as many lives as possible.

At MINPS, we strongly believe in harnessing the power of knowledge by combining learning with the extensive application-based study and medical ethics, thus maximizing one’s overall potential and nurturing a winning mentality in each of our students. We believe in a radical approach towards education with in-depth study and international teaching techniques that encourage a practical application of knowledge along with a code of ethics, hence developing one’s inner self and providing the perfect edge. Highly Esteemed And Qualified Faculty With Years of Rich Experience In The Field of Medical Education & Medical Practice.

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